As Covid 19 restrictions were lifted on campsites visitors to the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are being reminded that they’ll sleep better by staying on official campsites to support the local economy.

In a new campaign called ‘Sleep Well?’ the Mendip Hills AONB Unit are spreading the message that campers will have a much better night’s sleep if they’re on  a legitimate campsite as they’ll be helping the rural economy recover and they won’t have to worry about a landowner or the police knocking on their windscreen or tent.

Camping and overnight stays are not allowed on any of the visitor car parks, nature reserves or open access areas.

Local tourism businesses and farmers that supplement their income through their campsites have all suffered financially due to the coronavirus. Now is the chance for visitors attracted by the natural beauty of the Mendip Hills to support the local economy by using legitimate campsites.

The AONB Unit are expecting more visitors than ever this summer and have seen recently how the small visitor car parks quickly become full. Camper vans staying overnight take up the spaces of legitimate day visitors.

Jim Hardcastle, Manager of the Mendip Hills AONB, said, ‘We want everyone to have a great night’s sleep when they visit this naturally beautiful and nationally protected area. Visitors will be far more relaxed and able to sleep well if they know they’re helping local people and not affecting others. We’re regularly finding piles of single-use wipes and toilet paper behind bushes near visitor car parks as many of the camper vans we see staying overnight clearly don’t have toilets facilities in them. This creates a real hazard for wildlife and other people.’

Visit Somerset website has many campsites listed and there are many other campsites that can be found via the internet.