Starting Monday 16th October for up to 3 weeks, a road closure on A368 will cause Service 672 to divert between Bishop Sutton & Chew Magna in both directions. Monday to Friday a free shuttle taxi will run from Stanton Drew (bus shelter at The Crescent) to Chew Magna and back, to connect with the first 5 journeys of the day. Passengers on the final journey (run by Buglers) can be dropped at Stanton Drew at the end of the journey, on request. There will be no shuttle taxi on Saturdays.

Shuttle taxi timetable
Mondays to Fridays from 16 October for up to 3 weeks

Shuttle leaves Stanton Drew, The Crescent 0716 0951 1241 1454 1714
Shuttle arrives at Chew Magna, Post Office 0722 0957 1247 1500 1720
Service 672 departs Chew Magna, Post Office 0727 1002 1252 1505 1725
Shuttle leaves Chew Magna, Post Office 0732 1007 1257 1510 1730
Shuttle arrives at Stanton Drew, The Crescent 0738 1013 1303 1516 1736

Service 134: on Tuesday 17th & 31st October a free taxi shuttle will connect Stanton Drew with service 134. The Taxi will depart Stanton Drew (The Crescent) at 0905 and there will also be a free taxi shuttle on the return afternoon journey. On 24th October there will be no taxi as the bus will be able to serve Stanton Drew (The Crescent) at 0910.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.