A new British record was set for blade-shearing sheep on Saturday 30th September 2017 at Fernhill Farm on the Mendip Hills.

A back-breaking 397 lambs were shorn in 9 hours, roughly 1.4 sheep every minute by two Welsh shearers Gareth Owen & Clive Hamer – this set the first ever British Blade Shearing Record.

Gareth and Clive began their record attempt at 5am shearing Romney & Shetland lambs as part of the Autumn Blade Shearing Tournament held at Fernhill Farm above Compton Martin.

Blade shearing is a traditional method done without mechanical tools, only sharp blades pressed by hand movements that help to keep fleece in better condition when it’s cut smoothly, leaving more wool covering and lanolin.

Fantastic to say that the Open Finalist Shearers – Gareth Owen, George and Andrew Mudge, and Andrew Wear, plus Clive Hamer all come from National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty across the UK where these traditional methods are championed.

Andy Wear, a blade shearer and owner of Fernhill Farm said,’ Blade Shearing is an incredible skill to master and to supply Mendip Sheep that where deemed ideal for a record attempt is a great shepherding achievement. Gareth & Clive have set an amazing record and this can only help to raise the profile of Blade Shearing. All welcome to the Spring Blade Tournament on the 24th March 2018.’

The organisers would like to thank all the officials and Judges and especially their sponsors…. British Wool Marketing Board, National Sheep Association, Blade Shear UK, George Mudge Ltd, Mid Wales Egg Packers, Burgon & Ball, Roxan Tags, Rumneco Ltd, Mendip Hills AONB and Fernhill Farm.