We are currently in the process of pre-patching this year’s surface dressing sites ahead of this year’s main surface dressing programme which I have provided along with dates below. There are a few remedial sites on this year’s programme to pick up defects from last year’s programme which are covered by a two year guarantee.

I have also attached to this email some additional literature on the process should you get any enquiries from residents either once advance notices are on site or during the works. Where road closures are required we will undertake consultation with local residents and businesses.

The process is heavily weather dependent and, as we are utilising a specialist sub-contractor, we will not only be impacted by any adverse weather during our works window but potentially prior to the programme start date should they experience delays elsewhere. If dates change then I will advise as soon as possible after we become aware.

Road marking reinstatements and road stud replacements will be undertaken between 3 and 8 weeks after surface dressing to give the new surface material as much embedment as possible. Unfortunately some sites may experience a temporary increase in on street parking especially where there are currently double yellow lines or other restrictions. Where we experience problems we can install ‘no parking’ cones as a temporary measure and we will try to prioritise these locations for any reinstatement work.

Scheme Location Scheme Ref Start Date Ward Extents SQM Traffic Management
A362 Main Street SD805 05/07/2017 Farrington Gurney Farrington Farm to Farrington Fields 5,413 Stop & Go Boards
A37 Bristol Road SD804 05/07/2017 Farrington Gurney Whitecross to Village approach to Rush Hill 8,552 Stop & Go Boards
A39 Wells Road SD801 05/07/2017 Corston Continuation of full road 15,598 Stop & Go Boards
B3114 Bristol Road SD807 05/07/2017 West Harptree From Bickfield Lane to White Cross Farm Property 5,754 Stop & Go Boards
C492 Pennyquick SD802 05/07/2017 Newton St. Loe Village to joint line 5,186 Stop & Go Boards
Cameley Road SD Remedial 31/07/2017 Cameley Remedial Works TBC Road Closure
Claverton Down Road SD Remedial 06/07/2017 Claverton Remedial Works TBC Stop & Go Boards
Paulton Road & Farrington Road SD806 05/07/2017 Farrington Gurney Full length 6,692 Road Closure
Stockwood Lane SD Remedial 06/07/2017 Stockwood Remedial Works TBC Road Closure
Wick Road SD803 05/07/2017 Bishop Sutton Joining of resurfacing extents 438 Stop & Go Boards

We hope you find this information helpful but should you have any queries, please contact Council Connect on 01225 394041 or e-mail Council_Connect@BATHNES.GOV.UK