While works take place this week to implement the new one-way system for Keynsham High Street, the opportunity is being used to improve traffic movements at the entrance to Tesco supermarket on Charlton Road.

The closeness of the entrance to the roundabout at the junction of Charlton Road and Ashton Way means some motorists are unsure about who has right-of-way. This affects the operation of the junction.

To address this issue, the entrance to the supermarket will be made ‘left in’ and ‘left out’ from Charlton Road as shown on the diagram. This measure will stop right-turning vehicles from interrupting the efficiency of the junction and help keep traffic flowing.

The work will take place over the weekend (Saturday 29 April – Monday 1 May) and will be in place on Tuesday 2 May.

The other entrance to the supermarket on Bristol Road will remain unchanged.

For more detail regarding the Keynsham one-way trial, visit the web page www.bathnes.gov.uk/keynsham