Bath & North East Somerset Councillors tonight (Thursday 18 May) supported a recommendation to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) to reduce their numbers.

The LGBCE is currently conducting an electoral review of Bath & North East Somerset Council. It is the first such review to take place in the area since 1997.

The LGBCE will firstly determine the correct number of Councillors for the Bath and North East Somerset area, taking into account all representations received, and then will determine the correct boundaries for that number.

At a meeting of Full Council on Thursday 18 May Councillors supported a recommendation to the LGBCE to reduce their numbers from 65 to 59, a reduction of 10%.

When compared to similar local authorities, Bath & North East Somerset Council has a larger number of Councillors.

The following factors were identified which support the case for a reduction in numbers:

  • The shift from the Council as an organisation that delivers a comprehensive range of direct services to a more commissioning focussed organisation.
  • The reduction in central government funding.
  • Social media and new technology making it easier to engage with constituents and more easily resolve queries with Council services.

Bath & North East Somerset Council Chief Executive, Ashley Ayre, said: “This reduction in numbers is in line with the discussions which have been taking place with the LGBCE as part of its review to determine the correct number of Councillors for Bath and North East Somerset. We now await the outcome of their review.”

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