Chew Stoke – Monthly Report January 2014




2nd January 2014

Public submissions: No public submissions.

Clerks report and correspondence. The environment agency have been alerted to fallen trees across the stream at the bottom of Dairy Way. Planning enforcement has been informed that the Yew Tree is being occupied as a private residence. Enforcement have responded that they are aware but will not take any action at the moment as there is a revised planning application pending. Another Bristol road resident has raised concerns about the safety of the traffic calming scheme. This has been reported to B&NES and will also be raised at the next PACT meeting. The Parish Ranger has stated that all jobs that we listed have been completed, but this isn’t the case. The Clerk will resend the list of unfinished jobs and will also meet the Ranger in the village. The PC have received a request  for a charitable donation which will be refused as it is not appropriate use of Parish funds.

Flooding Issues. A date is to be set for a meeting of a small village group, including volunteers from the recent open flood meeting, to meet with the environment agency in order to produce a village flood resilience plan. The PC still have concerns about the effectiveness and appropriateness of the ford signage. This will be considered as part of the village flood plan.

Neighbourhood plan / placemaking plan. The PC have agreed that Chew Stoke will join the Parishes of Ubley, Harptrees, Chew Magna and Norton Malreward in a group application to B&NES.

Section 106 Monies. Bristol Road Pavement: No update since last meeting. The Parish Council are still in talks with BANES about the proposed footpath to the dam. No update was available at the meeting on the B1 land at the old Radford’s site, although it is now being marketed. Transport fund: No new applications and villagers are reminded that applications can be made for monies from the fund by any village organisation or group. Applications should be made to the Clerk:

Harvest Home: The PC have been informed by the organising committee that they are considering a revised format for the Harvest Home this year. Currently the thoughts are that this would be on a smaller scale and possibly be based close to the Church Hall. More information will be forthcoming from the committee. Any villagers with views on this matter should contact a member of the committee.

Assets of Community Value (ACV). A further debate was held about the possibility of applying for ACV status for the Yew Tree. A draft application has been received from a Parishioner, but this still requires some draft figures to demonstrate viability. The PC remains unsure whether the application should be submitted by the PC or by a community group since the latter would be able to more easily demonstrate community support. The PC will also consider in the future whether or not it is appropriate to apply for ACV status for other village amenities.

The next meeting is Thursday 6th February at 7.30pm in St Andrews Church Hall.


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